That was the week that was #2

This week has been better health wise. I’ve managed to spend every day well, with a smile and keep the negative feelings at bay. Trust me, they’re there but with positive thinking, exercising more, it’s been a decent week.

My exercise goals were hit this week and I will go out again with Lady M and dogs this weekend, will exceed my target, which is great. More than that, I want to do it.

On the downside, I’ve spoken to a couple of friends this week who have issues, one with their daughter who is going through a hard time. I hope I’ve helped and given them some ideas, an insight into the condition to help them manage it but living it through your kids is not something I would like to do. I send positive thoughts and a lot of love to them.

Another is going through it personally. Long journey for them but coming out the other side now will see them back to their best. The sneaky bastard of a disease takes it out of you for a while, floors you and all you can do is ride the waves until the grip lessens. Thinking positively and getting exercise only go so far when in the claustrophobic grip of depression, the difficulty is waiting to come out of it.

This past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing more mindfulness exercises, more exercise and tried to stay away from the more toxic of topics, which for me isn’t easy. There are a lot around at the moment, certainly by design as we are being conditioned to accept a lot worse later on down the line. That’s enough of that for now.

Other bits of good news this week are that Lady M’s mini did not need extensive work and not as serious as first thought, which is great. Financial pressure has eased too, which gives mental room to give to other more positive endeavours.

The positives in the next few weeks are that I am getting a new car. Not brand new, but new to me. We are going on holiday at Easter back to my beloved Highlands, where the beaches and air await. We’ve been to this place before and sitting outside, even in layers of clothing, drinking wine / coffee and chatting while looking at the view over the Moray Firth, it’s nectar for the soul and mental health.

This weekend, there is the matter of the Auld Enemy at Twickenham and I hope for a great game of rugby. Both sides on top form and if they both bring their A game, then this should be some spectacle

Tomorrow, there is the Old Firm game, when the Glasgow rivals clash in a cauldron of chaos, noise and emotion. I hope we are just talking about the football afterwards and that the blue half come away not only with points, but a lot of pride in how we played, regardless of result. I’m not into the bigotry or hatred of the occasion as some will be (life is too short to have hate and negativity in the soul and mind) and hope that we all just enjoy the game without some eejit once again taking the reputation of Scottish football and society down to the gutter.

Lastly, 16 years ago on Sunday, I married by best pal, my soul mate and the reason I am still here. We’ve been together over 20 years and she needs a feckin medal, an important one, not one of those that’s a thanks for turning up. She makes me laugh, infuriates and excites me still after all this time and I thank Lady M for just being her, accepting me being me and for us being us.

She’s exceptional, I’m a lucky sod and I look forward to ruining her life some more over the years.

Have a great week coming, all. Thanks for continuing to read and as always, be kind to yourself. You deserve it.


7 thoughts on “That was the week that was #2

  1. Can’t beat good, old Scottish fresh air to blow away the cobwebs and clear your mind…….that and make your eyes and nose run…….lol.
    Glad you’ve had a good week. Hope it continues xx

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