Point, laugh, repeat.

Anyone who knows me or has seen me on social media knows that I take an interest in politics. I like to debate, love satire and usually keep on top of what’s going on in the world from a number of sources.

Recently, the world has gone to hell in a handbag and looks like going back in time, by about 50 to 70 years, in a very short space of time. Humanity seems to be lacking at the moment and I find that has affected me in quite a profound way. More than I expected, if I care to admit.

Before we go further, this is not a political post. No flag waving, tub thumping or grandstanding, so you’re safe to read on.

The Trump era appears to have ushered in less humane, less understanding administration which appeals to the lowest common denominator in politics, which is the politics of division. We see it here in the UK too with Brexit and the politics of our government, the rhetoric being scarily similar, although it is being sold in a totally different way.

We have also entered what I believe will ultimately be seen as a golden age of political satire. I decided a while ago to ride the wave of this unpalatable era by laughing at the idiotic tendencies of the current set of politicians, creating the act of point, laugh, repeat.
It really is liberating and if truth be told, a protection method for my mood. When laughing, it doesn’t mean you don’t care but you are laughing and not getting all worked up, frothing at the mouth, snarling about the politics of the day of which you can’t really control.

We have had the hilarious antics of the Saturday Night Live team, with amazing comic portrayals of Trump, Nancy De Vos and the best, Melissa McCarthy’s take on Sean Spicer. It is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and sends up the whole shooting match brilliantly. Like any good satire, it bases on a fact, or the essence of a fact, a gesture or a character trait and exploits it to a massive degree. Comedy gold.

A few years ago, we had the sharply written ‘The Thick of It’ in the UK by the supremely talented Armando Iannucci, which lampooned the UK political system held together by a character in the background called Malcolm Tucker, a foul mouthed and violent sociopath Scot who bludgeoned his way round the hapless civil service and political circles working together in govt, as well as beyond.

It progressed to a point that we were unclear if art was imitating life or the other way round, such was the shambolic nature of the characters and workings of the political system. Again, comedic genius, which is something that can’t be underplayed.

Then yesterday, the UK Budget was set out in Parliament and the media went into listening, analytical and berserk modes, all in that order.

I avoided it like toxic waste.

This is out of character and it perplexed me. Why did I avoid it all? Do I not care? And the answer I have so far is thus: I care deeply but I am also in a decent place this week mentally. The Budget is real and is catnip for creating intense chaotic noise for days.

I don’t want my mood rocked, it’s as simple as that.

Others can have this fight and I will catch up eventually, when it gets to the bits that affect me or my family. However, until that time I elect to ride the Golden Age of Satire like a badass raccoon riding the alligator, laughing as I go, trying hard not to get bitten. Whatever it takes to get through the day whole and healthy.

Point, laugh, repeat and be kind to yourself. Every day.


6 thoughts on “Point, laugh, repeat.

  1. Nice post, Richard… I’m possibly even more politically cynical than yourself: the current bitter ideological divides between people really do seem to hurt, almost personally. Hard to describe.
    I do wish there could’ve been more ‘The Thick of It’ — or a second ‘In The Loop’ style film. Mr Iannucci has a first-class mind. Marvellous (!)

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      1. Ah yes… I’ve caught some eps of Veep on my friend’s Sky: a good ‘antidote’ to the idealism of the West Wing (which I also liked). Haha, yes I’ve got to watch more — JL-D is always worth watching. 🙂
        And you’re very welcome: keep up the good posts.

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  2. I got very politically engaged over the past few years, but then in the last few months… like you, it’s not that I don’t care. I just can’t be bothered to keep asking ‘oh what’s Trump don now?’ and ‘What political scandal is unfolding now?’ This level of politics is enough to make a person ask for a monarchy back (probably shortly before regretting the request).
    I never really found Saturday Night Live entertaining, until the Trump campaign and administration gave them their best material.


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