Be a bit more dog


I’ve just come back in from a walk round the village with Troy, my manic cocker spaniel. He just never stops. Just when you think he’s asleep, whammy! He’s off doing something, jumping on you for a cuddle or to take him out or a quick rub of the belly.

If he’s not doing that, he’s outside in the garden investigating and barking at intruders or noises he doesn’t like. Even the garden table is an excellent vantage point for him to see a bit more over the wall onto the street, in case any cats or hats are going by for him to have to give a good barking.

And I do mean that. I went to look for him earlier and he was sitting on the garden table, bold as brass.

Lovely day here, great for the spirits, so I donned the shorts and we went for a walk. We have a red lead for him, one of the figure of 8 that loops over his snout and we can pull the jaws shut to stop him barking at other dogs.

Does it work? To a degree. He still manages to bark but muffled and irate, like a human with duct tape over the mouth and shouting ‘Alan!’ a few times.

When he knows I’m not looking, he starts to claw at the loop on his mouth while walking, throwing a paw up to remove it, maybe throwing caution to the wind and rubbing his head on the ground. As if, pal.

I was walking thinking about nothing much, thoughts coming and going, what I’ve got to do later, what to make for dinner, when I looked down at him and he just looked back at me smiling. Yes, dogs smile, it is a fact. It struck me that while I’m thinking about other stuff, he’s just living in the moment, loving his walk and enjoying himself thoroughly. No pretense, no thinking about menial crap or dinner, just loving the moment.

I have a real lesson to learn from this and it’s to live in the moment, embracing the here and now for what it is. Feel the sun in my face, the wind in my hair scalp, the sound of the trees rustling, the birdsong, the maniac next to me straining on his lead while barking ‘Alan!’ at a couple of beautiful boxers.

Without a doubt, there is something to learn every day, something new to see, something to experience. I’m so busy in my thoughts living in the future or past, that I’m missing out on all this. Thanks to Troy, I’ve learned something today, apart from pooping on verges, which is still wrong for humans.

We should all be more dog, everyday.

Be kind to yourself.


4 thoughts on “Be a bit more dog

  1. There is a lot to be said for living in the moment. I have to ask though, shorts in March?? (Yes I know your me a hardy Scott but even so…….)


  2. I have Misophonia, depression, ED and PTSD so I live in constant anxiety. My dogs are honestly my rocks. They’re the only thing that I feel safe with and take my mind off of how fat I am or people in the room who are chewing and keep me grounded (out of flashbacks) my dogs are the first to greet me in the morning regardless of my nightmares and offer me kisses when I’m crying. We should all be more like dogs. Hang in there xx


    1. You too, embear.
      Thanks for reading and I hope you are feeling good at the moment.
      I have three dogs, two KC Cavs and the Cocker, who are all great in their own way. Totally different characters and are my furry weans (kids).
      Just living in the moment with them recently has helped a lot and I learn from them so much.
      Plus, they get me out of the house and walking, which is great for my illness levels.
      I hope it’s the same for you in getting out but understand that we’re not quite the same although on the same page.
      Thanks so much for reading and connecting.
      Look after yourself.

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