It’s been a good day today, all round. Had a long sleep, actually felt better when waking and then went for a walk, while picking up drugs for the pony and me.

It never fails to amaze me how moods shift for no apparent reason, up or down. One day, you’re feeling low, can’t operate or deal with any stress and the next you feel okay, in a good place.

From what I understand of the science behind this, it comes down to the amount of dopamine and serotonin in the brain / body, which are the feel good chemicals, picking you up, making you fell well again.

The opposite is when cortisol floods in, sometimes with no reason and lowers the mood, raises feeling of anxiety. It’s when you feel negative and hopeless, that’s when you know that the cortisol is high. Sometimes it’s from outside stimulus, other times it’s for no apparent reason and you’re left wondering just what the hell is happening to you.

Today is the day for feeling good and I’m going to ride the waves. A good walk releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals and although chilly, it was a beautifully sunny morning. I took my friend Ken’s advice to practice mindfulness while walking, feeling the sun, looking at the colour of the plants, registering the breeze in my face and how it feels against my skin. Listening to my breath and the movement of my body. Thanks, Ken.

It works, it really works. If anyone fancies it, give it a go. Download a book, listen to Ruby Wax or someone else on You Tube, take the bits you feel you want to try and give it a go. What have you got to lose? You’ve everything to gain from trying and if not, you’re no worse off.

The other thing that has helped massively today was watching my football team on TV destroying the opposition in a 6-0 thrashing. We’ve had a mediocre season back in the top flight and the past few weeks have been particularly tough, so to see us finally put in a determined performance, take chances and seal the win well was uplifting.

Next weekend, it’s packed. On Saturday, it’s the Calcutta Cup at Twickenham and the best side we’ve had in years pitching up against an excellent and in form England. All to play for in that game and should be a cracker.

On Sunday, it’s the Old Firm game away from home and if we can play with at least as much focus and determination as we showed today, it should be a good game.

Nearly forgot, also our wedding anniversary on Sunday, our 16th. Still can’t believe that we went out, never mind that she stayed with me as I’m batting well out of my league. Two kids, 20+ years together and I still can’t quite believe it.

A lot to look forward to this week coming but most of all, I’m living in today, enjoying the moment of feeling better and my team winning well, for once. Currently, I’m sitting watching a movie with Rory, Monsters v Aliens and we’re both giggling our fool heads off.



3 thoughts on “Winning

      1. I think you are right, I suppose I should share at this point that my mum is Scottish and my dad is English. So I can’t lose really.


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