This was the week that was

It’s been another strange week, full of ups and downs, as well as frustrations. There have also been some really good points and things to be happy about.

I’ll split it into bad stuff / good stuff but I’m not writing a feckin report like I used to on projects. Nobody needs that crap in their lives. I prefer putting the bad stuff first as then I can finish on positives, which is much better all round.

Bad Stuff

I’ve been irritable this week and really trying to cover it, not let it out. Hate that feeling and no-one else needs to hear it.

Lady M’s car was in for a service and needs major surgery, which we’ve decided to do. It’s a reminder that finances are tight but needs must, sadly.

Constant simpering on social media and outright idiocy have taken their toll on me this week. I normally let it wash over me, laugh at it, let it go but this week it has dripped like water torture. Talking to some people is like talking to a demented toddler, so I have elected not to bother with those that display shagwit tendencies. Better for the mental health.

My mood has been low a fair bit this week with some triggers being pushed but also for little reason. As a result, low energy, low self-worth and low motivation. Every day has brought a wtf now moment, which is wearing, especially when feeling low.

The final few threads of the business closure are being more than irritating and frustrating. It’s standard stuff but just like trying to dance a herd of elephants through the eye of a needle while trying to box all the frogs that have just escaped.

I haven’t reached my exercise goal for this week. I am adding weight, not too much but noticeable now and I really need to find the motivation to get out and walk.

I ran out of coffee beans on Sunday and this was a major piss off factor, as you can imagine.

Good Stuff

I bought coffee beans on Monday. Aaaaaand breathe.

I had my first article published this week in Having Time and had a really good twitter banter with those folks there. They are good people and good fun, it was such a good experience. If you’ve not read it, please click the link and explore.

My treasured pal, Lord Gordon, is coming to visit. We fixed a date and he’s coming down from the shire of Aberdeen at the end of the month for a visit. Shame our other BFAM (brother from another mother) Tosh can’t make it but we will catch up soon enough. We will be back on tour soon, chaos and mayhem never far away, trousers usually at half mast, just because.

Had a great call with Tosh the other day. He’s in a great place, loving life and sounds really happy. This makes me happy and always gives me a great lift speaking to the daft bastard. Peas in a feckin pod, that’s for sure.

Lady M and I managed to spend a bit of time together this week, lifting each other out of our respective troughs, with her’s being the disappointment of her beloved car needing work. Coffee and chat therapy worked, when I had swallowed the irritability down. Love her to bits, but don’t tell her. Don’t want her getting a big head.

My kids, my fantastic kids. Abigail is doing her Duke of Edinburgh awards, singing with the county schools choir and was off on a trip to the theatre in London this week as recognition for her results and behaviour at school.
Then there’s Rory, the little thug. He’s been at a Roman museum in Cirencester, which is well worth a visit and enjoyed it thoroughly. Contrary to vicious rumour spread by myself, he didn’t get thrown out for stealing a sword and chasing a classmate. He had a football match with school this week, which he loved and he played well.
Proud dad moment with both my mini numpties.

My friends, on social media and beyond. I have to give you all a big thanks for your support and continued mental humour this week, which has been fantastic. I value our chats and look forward to the total nutbaggery that usually ensues. It’s bloody great therapy in itself and keep it up, you mentalists.

To all my followers, new and otherwise, thanks for coming on this journey with me. Would be pointless without you and thanks for your company.

And remember, even though we walk among the eejits, as I think they may outnumber us now, be kind to yourself, always.


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