The crazy funny chaotic dinner party

I have absolutely no idea where this idea came from, I was thinking about comedy and people I admire, when I thought what it would be like if I got them all in one room.

The most crazy funny chaotic dinner party that I would love to see. It’s a daft idea, a bit of fun and something that is great to play with.

The guests are people I’d love to spend time with, just listen to their stories and revel in their irreverence, a trait I much admire.

1. Billy Connolly

For me, just about the funniest man ever lived. The banjo player, the welder, the actor, comedian. Ever since I was a young child and heard Big Banana Feet, I’ve been hooked. I loved the music of The Humblebums and watched captivated when he played John Brown.
In his documentaries, we get to see a bit more of the man himself, the warmth, the intelligence and his open mind, which I love to see his embracing of all things different.
He’s been there most of my life, a treasured icon and an inspiration.

2. Robin Williams

This guy was one of the most manic comedians, with a quick mind and sharp wit that had everyone rolling about. His acting roles had amazing depth and we could see him on a screen in the role, playing a vulnerability that we can now understand more. Every time I hear ‘Captain! Oh, my Captain!’ I want to stand on a desk and look at the world differently.
Then there’s ‘Nanoo nanoo!’ the phrase that launched him into our living rooms, made him a household name.
He had his battles with mental health and the world is a better place for him having been here.
I miss him.

3. Tosh & G-Man

My two best friends from way back when.Crazy, mental, never short of a one liner and always there together when the chaos starts.
Big hearts, stout friends and can drink twice their own weight in alcohol. The first ones on the plot when you’re having trouble to see what you need asking ‘who needs to get a doing? We’ll get them.’
Two of the finest humans on the planet and I’m proud to call them my friends.
The daft bastards.

4. Eric Morecombe

Again, one of the funniest people that ever lived. He could turn a one liner in the blink of an eye, ad lib so the audience were in on the joke as well as the cast and make you laugh with a movement of his specs.
I still use ‘wahey!’ at times, as it is so ridiculous that it kills every time and that’s thanks to Eric. On hearing a siren belting by, I still hear ‘He’ll not sell much ice cream going at that speed’ and he could turn the mundane into hilarity, like making toast, if you remember that scene.
Much missed comic genius.

5. Colin Hay

One of my favourite singer songwriters who most will remember for Down Under and Overkill. His songs speak to me in the most personal way and his storytelling within the music that is nothing short of genius.
His concerts half resemble a comedy show as he loves to engage with stories and his comedic talent is high.
An amazing mind, life and all there in the music.

6. Alan Rickman

Ever since watching Truly, Madly, Deeply, I’ve been fascinated with this brilliant actor. I’ve watched a lot of what he’s been in and always ascerbic with depth. The man could deliver a line. He stole the film in Robin Hood as the Sheriff with his larger than life depiction and killing of his line.
He would be a great addition to the table.

7. Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry

I’ve put these two together as they are a double act, in old parlance. Starting off in Jeeves and Wooster, it was the comedic talent that shone through. Both have gone on to different things, acting and hosting, with shows like House & QI, demonstrating greater acting ability, as well as the ability to draw a laugh.
Blackadder is where I remember them well, as Prince George and Wellington, Captain George and General Melchett, all spilling over into total chaos. Seems to follow them whatever they do and hope they keep doing it for some time.

I also thought about Rik Mayall and it’s all about room at the table. Something would get broken, someone pregnant and the place would end up in fire, but we’d be laughing.
Sod it. He’s in too, as is Ade Edmonson.

Just imagining what this would be like is bringing a smile to my face. It would be anarchic, chaos, laughter and one hell of an evening.

Anyone brave enough to put their group together?


6 thoughts on “The crazy funny chaotic dinner party

  1. The list would be endless and I’d have most of your picks . . .I’d definitely have Sir Ranulph. . . .and Keith Richards. . . .and Lucifer. . . .and …..

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  2. G spot is definitely a keeper, can see past the pish, think objectively, and give a succinct assessment of any situation. As long as it’s not him up to his ring in alligators whilst emptying the swamp. That’s where we step up and reciprocate his support with ardour and give him s lift, and by fuck he’s a heavy bloke but inane human strength prevails. Chin up Charlie, as we used to say to the girls when their favourite teddy was in the wash, when they didn’t think they’d survive the absence

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  3. Oooo, this requires some thought! I’d definitely have Billy at mine, guy was my comedic hero growing up. I’d have Peter Kay as well as the guy just cracks me up, as for the rest….I’ll get back to you

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