The constant drip that overwhelms

I’ve had a hard few days, if I’m being brutally honest. It’s been a succession of things that is annoying crap that shouldn’t even register on the scale but when accumulated, it’s more to deal with for me.

As I say, nothing major. The drip feed of bad news that goes into the world as we are living in some crazy times, politically and socially, with this being a pivotal time for those of us alive to observe as well as deal with. It’s constant, it’s every day and as I say on social media, I wake up wondering what eejit has done what to who so far.

And as I’ve mentioned social media, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people being difficult, for no apparent reason. I’ve been asked by a small number of people to stop posting some things because they are fed up with seeing political satire, which is fun for me especially with the rich material at present. I’ve refused and suggested they either scroll by, hide or unfriend. I don’t see why I should curb posts on my timeline to accommodate a very small number of people when others posting get a kick out of it. It’s not illegal yet (I put nothing past this hapless set of goons we have as leaders) as well as it being my timeline. Yet, these are friends who I like and value.

Go post whatever you like on your timeline, others are over here having fun. Leave us to it, you’ll be respected likewise.

Then an internet loon decided to comment on a post today which had nothing to do with them, was not factual in their post and then blocked me when I pointed this out to them. Not anyone I had ever friended, a friend of a friend in FB talk, just a swivel eyed loon who decided to poke their nose in where not wanted. I actually find that level of stupidity quite amusing but it is wearing when dealing with it.

It’s been that way on social media, with people just going off on tangents or getting things completely and utterly wrong but will argue to the death in spite of the mounting evidence against their point. I can’t take responsibility for their views or posts – not my monkeys, not my circus – but the act of engaging with them is tiring. Maybe not engaging is the answer, then the monkeys run riot.

Then there is the constant drip of items to be dealt with from the business closure. I still get emails, letters and calls regarding it, some are chasing things they are not entitled to chase and it gets wearing. I am also waiting on a tax rebate from HMRC VAT and that seems to be turning into a saga as they’ve sent it to the wrong address and reissuing appears to be a chore.

On top of that, we put Lady M’s car in for a service, her beloved Mini, and it needs work which is going to be extensive, leaving us with a tough conversation and decision to make. Invest or scrap, are the options and with the current state of finances, that will take a minor feckin miracle either way.

My car is coming to the end of it’s lease in a month and I need to buy another vehicle. Nothing much in the great scheme of things, should be fun but coupled with the woes of Lady M’s car (previous one was written off as a deer ran into it), so she’s feeling battered by it all too.

As a result, my anxiety is high, my depression kicking in and pulling me both ways again. All small subtle triggers which in themselves are nothing but adding up to pile on pressure and make me feel like locking the doors, turning off phones and doorbell, then pulling the covers over my head to shut out the world.

I’m becoming overwhelmed.

I’d drive off into the sunset, but I need to return the flaming car, so I guess it’s the duvet.

Be kind to yourself and others. If you identify an eejit online, be kind to them. They must be going through something that is making them behave that way.

It also annoys the hell out of them.

Now, where’s that duvet?


7 thoughts on “The constant drip that overwhelms

  1. Don’t rise to it, they’re trolls at the end of the day. You don’t need the stress and they don’t care. Look after yourself xx

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  2. I’m glad you haven’t bowed down to the pressures of some Internet twunts about what you post online. Do youre own thing and be proud of it. There will always be idiots out there and you are quite right, it is draining dealing with them, so I would reduce interaction with them to an absolute minimum. Xx

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