My travel bucket list

I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently, thanks to talking to Mindfump who lives in Vienna, a place both Lady M & I want to visit.

This led me to think where else I’d like to visit and trust me, this is not exhaustive and is a snapshot in time. I’ll look at an article of some other place and think, that must be worth a visit.

If you are a blogger, why not have a go too and tag others in.

In no particular order:

1. Vienna
Image result for vienna christmas market

Both Lady M & I want to visit here at Christmas as we are told it it magical. The markets, the lights, all the shops play their part and we want to see it. Also, the food and bakeries especially are unique, as well as being so inviting.

We don’t do a lot of city visits anymore due to kids, but this is one we all fancy.

2. New Zealand
Image result for new zealand

I’ve always had an interest in NZ, not only for my admiration of their rugby culture but also for the scenery, culture and most of all, their wine. NZ also has a great coffee culture, arguing over the origin claim of the flat white with Australia. No matter, it’s high quality stuff.

The perfect visit here would be travelling both islands, learning about the Maori culture and soaking in the most amazing views, probably only second to Scotland. We would spend a lot of time in Marlborough purely for the wine. For me, it would be learning more about wine and for Lady M, more about drinking it.

3. Australia

Image result for perth australia

We’ve been to Australia before, visiting Sydney and down to Canberra. So much more to the country and thanks to good friends there, I really want to visit Adelaide with it’s vibrant food culture (thanks to George Ujvary, the Foodologist blog) and also to the west coast, Perth and Fremantle, thanks to the praises being sung by my friend Nicola.
Culture and history are big things for us and one of the world’s iconic sites, Ayer’s Rock / Uluru is a must to visit, as well as Great Barrier Reef.
Another big attraction is the Australian coffee culture, a powerhouse in presentation and quality.
Not sure we’ll get all of it done in one trip, but we wouldn’t say no to coming back.

4. Canada
Image result for canada

Another country that absolutely fascinates me. I always seem to like Canadians and their view on life, their sense of humour and warmth.
So many places I’d love to see, from the Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, right over to BC, with Vancouver a must see.

4. Outer Hebrides
Image result for luskentyre

Luskentyre beach has recently been named as one of the top ten beaches in the world and we really want to see it. Lots to see in Outer Hebrides, from Lewis, through Harris to Uist and Barra. The planes land on the beaches there too and I love the feel of that.
Clean air, amazing local food and scenery to feed the soul.
We need to go.

5. Sandwood Bay
Image result for sandwood bay

This bay is in Sutherland, near Cape Wrath, is remote and accessed by a four mile walk from leaving the car. One that you would spend the day there, taking a lunch and drinking in the view, with the feeling that you are on the edge of the world.

6. California
Image result for california wine country

A number of reasons I would to visit here, chief among them to see my childhood friend, Mark Costello. He’s a Celtic fan, but don’t let that cloud your judgement. He’s good people.
He lives not too far from LA, so we’d have to do LA, Anaheim and then over to San Francisco to check out their fantastic restaurants and eateries. They also have a great coffee culture, that’s a must.
Then it’s a lot of time in the wine country, tasting, viewing and drinking.
Now with the political climate in the US, this may not be for some time but it is still on the list.

Many more places I could add as the world is an amazing place with so many glorious destinations, sites and cultures.

Where is on your travel bucket list?


7 thoughts on “My travel bucket list

  1. The Vienna one can be done no problem. I’ll even give you a place to stay! Show you around and tell you whats up. You’ll love it. It is the best city in Europe. Great list!


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