#43 Social – ‘Dancing In The DMZ’


The Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) sits between The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea and South Korea, like a large wedge of irony. Mainly because both countries have been heavily militarising the demilitarised zone for decades. So much so that there are manned positions on both sides, equipped with; machine guns, anti-aircraft weaponry, tanks, secret tunnels, snipers and endless land mines. Although it remains stunningly beautiful.

The humble social engagement for the life of an anxiety sufferer is a daunting one. Yes, with enough practice you can avoid them, rather like Jim Carrey would avoid bullets if he was wearing a green mask. Inevitably however, you will get hit. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the bullet hits you before you’ve even noticed it. Then it is only with hindsight that anxiety can try to retrospectively join in the party. Other times though, the events are planned in advance.

A planned engagement gives anxiety…

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