Ten things about me

After reading and being tagged in a post from Zoe Cripps, I was asked to list ten things about me, the person. Which is hard, being a boring ratbag, but I will give it a go.

Should anyone else fancy a go, join in, tag and go for it. Might even be fun.

1) I’m Scottish.

Yup, right up there and in with that first. I was born and grew up in a small and wet Scottish town, famous for making sweets and bras, plus the birthplace of Gordon Ramsay. I like to think we taught him how to swear. Passionate about the country of my birth, even though I left there twenty plus years ago.

2) I live in England.

Yes, I live in rural Oxfordshire as part of the gene disruption party but only got as far as two kids. Lovely part of the world and the scenery is lovely.

3) I swear a lot

‘I know a lot of words, a large vocabulary but still prefer the word ‘f**k’, a quote by Billy Connolly which rings true for me. I can use whole sentences in profanity and still be understood, which is a skill but tend to use the right word, in the right context, especially when driving.

4) I love coffee

It’s a passion which has grown as I get older. I research beans, roasting methods, try different places just to try their coffee and talk about coffee a lot, as well as drinking it. I owned a cafe, been a barista and enjoy wonderful coffee whenever I can. Not an expert by any stretch and always learning.

5) I love wine

Wine is awesome but not all wine is the same. Again, I could bore some with talk of wine but not an expert. My weapon of choice is usually an NZ Sauvignon Blanc, the more fruity versions which gave a flavour punch to the mouth.

6) I’m a foodie

I enjoy cooking and baking, most of all eating good food. I discover a recipe then make it again without following the guide and develop the offering as I see fit. Mostly works, some disasters but that’s how you learn. Ask my kids and they’ll say they love my special pasta, pizzas and banana bread, although Rory may well just throw apple crumble in there too as he loves that.

7) I am an accredited sports coach

Before my illness, I coached rugby and football to kids, gaining accreditation from The FA and RFU. Football I took further and again learned all the time, found out I have a passion for development, mine and others, and loved watching the kids progress as people. I had to give it up due to work and illness, which was a big wrench and can’t see me ever going back to it but it gave me such an insight into the game, education and development of kids.

8) I suffer from Depression and Anxiety

I won’t labour this one as you can read the detail in my blog posts. This sneaky bastard of an illness (thanks, JP!) has robbed me of a lot of pleasure, drive, friends, I even lost a business due to it but I’m still here, still trying to get better. It’s a daily thing and I am determined to recover.

9) I am a pipe band drummer

Since I was 11 years old, I played side drum in pipe bands. When a clash came with football, I played football until I realised I was wasting my feckin time and then went back to pipe bands, in England. I played with Banbury, Scots Guards Association, University of Luton (now Uni of Bedfordshire) and lastly RAF Halton. The pinnacle for me was playing in Grade 2 with Uni of Luton, taking points at a major and placing at the All Irelands. It was always fun, but a lot of hard work and pressure.
Sneaky bastard of an illness put paid to that too.

10) I am product of UK nomads

Where I grew up was central Scotland and my family history, as a Mackay, is steeped in the Highlands of Scotland, which is my favourite place on earth. I think there are only two places I have been where I think I make sense – where I grew up and the Highlands. I always feel at home.
However, we are a wandering bunch and my family not only hails from the highlands but Fife, Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Perthshire and Glasgow. My gran was from Croydon (her brother was a top scorer for Chelsea, had only one eye too!) and that side has West Sussex, Surrey, Essex (gasp!), Birmingham and there is a bit of Irish in there too.
My wife’s family is similar in background across England, so our kids are messed up.

That’s it really and hope you enjoyed reading. If you want to join in, please do!



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8 thoughts on “Ten things about me

  1. Yes to swearing! Yes to coffee. Boo to white wine. (Red lover here!) but I’m not a wine officionado:) I think the post dinner cofffee and a cigarette is my favourite part of the day!
    My father in law is a scot and my dad is Welsh but im definitely a complete mongrel. (I even have that annoying public school English accent)

    Thank you for joining in! X


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