The world turned upside down…..again.

In the wars of Independence, there is a story that when the British were defeated at the siege of Yorktown, leading Cornwallis to surrender, the British band played a song ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ as they marched off.

Maybe inaccurate and didn’t happen, but what a great story. It paved the way for the US constitution to come into being in 1788. The old order had been routed, rebellion of the colonials had won the day and the USA was born.

Back to today, in true US style, they seem to be rewiring the world order and shaking things up. However, is it for the greater good? Is it so we can all benefit in a new world order, a way of doing things that will benefit everyone?

Right now, I can’t see it.

Let me put my cards on the table. I’m British and watching the drama unfold from the UK. I thought, probably like most others, the Trump had no chance last year, was the joke candidate and wouldn’t get far.

How wrong was I?

In his first week, Trump has closed the US borders to 7 countries, which is being called the Muslim Ban, effectively detaining people in the US ports without any form of help. He has repealed the NAFTA trade deal to renegotiate a better deal for the US and has alienated Mexico as he is insistent the wall to be built will be paid for by them.

He has put women’s right to choose back decades by a bill which will have life legally starting at fertilisation and reinstating the gagging clause to stop advice being given to women on abortion by organisations with government funding.

He is proposing people totally unqualified or experienced in key positions, with some questionable personal views that is very worrying indeed for all concerned. In fairness, they are nominees at this stage and have to be ratified, but wow. Just wow.

The most amazing development is the war with the media. He has picked a fight, with one of his aides stating that they are not lying but relaying ‘alternative facts’. Just what that means or implies to any rational person is that facts are simply infinite – they can’t be a little bit pregnant or very unique, a fact is a fact or not, as the case may be.

This means that all news he doesn’t like personally is fake news and the media is to blame. Also, he has gone on record as stating he wants someone to buy the NY Times to stop them selling fake news. Essentially, that’s the start of gagging a free press.

I’m not sure even the great Armando Iannucci, writer of In the Loop and The Thick of It, a satirical series on the hapless nature of politics, could come up with this scenario. In comedy terms, it is gold and the gift that keeps on giving.

What chaos has ensued in the space of a week. Where do we go from here? Is he just getting started?

Fear not! I have a solution.

Take to the streets, the digital channels, social media, everywhere you can and openly mock him and this massive f***wittery. Apologies for the implied profanity, but no other word seems to cover it.

Point, laugh, repeat.

The Emperor’s New Clothes was written with Trump in mind, if of course the writer of the fable could foretell the future and in this case, it fits, very very nicely… His Donaldness might say. On being laughed at and roundly ridiculed, The Emperor in the story slunk off and that is what needs to happen to a narcissist.

The world, led by the people of the USA, must oppose everything that is patently wrong and use those fantastic rebellion instincts in the DNA to great effect. When he rants on Twitter, we must laugh at him, point and laugh repeatedly to devalue those rants in the eyes of everyone so they have no effect. When it gets serious, that’s when numbers need to take it up a notch or six and take to the streets, peacefully and with dignity to show how democracy works, as it is under serious threat right now and that is no joke.

When all else fails, just remember and point, laugh and repeat. Even it is Armageddon heading our way, we’ll go out laughing.


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