How laughter helps to heal

The idea for writing this blog came to me when I was in the grip of a pretty serious bout of depression. I wrote a few years ago a blog that told tales of my commuting into London and the creatures masquerading as fellow passengers. It was cathartic and passed time, plus allowed me to use the scenes I witnessed as subject gold.

I pretty much talked myself out of writing as my self doubt was kicking in on all levels and believing I wouldn’t be able to write a word that would interest others. It was then, in the hands of depression, I realised I’d been writing solidly on facebook for years, all different subjects covered. I connected with people in a big way, sometimes instantly and in the main, those people are off the chart warped in a hilarious way.

Case in point: last night I mischievously asked my facebook friends what I should write about in my next blog. Boobs, was the overriding comment I read. Private number plates, banana hammocks, Trump / no Trump, toupees and orangeness of skin were also put forward.

A comedic fight then ensued over the use of private number plates.

We then resumed with a discussion point of why men have nipples, 3o strangest animal mating habits, back to boobs, the state of the roads and the fractional distillation  of crude oil.

It didn’t stop there, it kept on coming.

More boobs, who’s in the midden (a bin area in West of Scotland parlance) and a discussion resulted on writing a play called ‘Malkie in the Midden’ with the characters of Malcolm and GovanBill taking centre ground and Bill wants to be the inspector. I’m parking that one for now.

Does Social Media democratise or polarise? Failing that, just write about boobs.

A theme had definitely emerged here and showed no sign of letting up.

Collective nouns and alternatives, relating to me calling a scurry of squirrels recently a ‘team’. How walking in the park can benefit mental health, boobs, the law of averages and great Scottish profanities of our time, which actually is a really good one.

There was even a keyboard drawing of boobs.

Then a voice of sanity popped up: tell people what your blog is about and what you hope will come of it. Thanks to Vicky Charles for that and for all the total lunacy that led to this light in the daftness, I believe that is exactly what has been achieved.

My blog is an entirely personal view on life and as I have been ill for some time, it is a sense of therapy to write about feelings, musings, happenings. I want this blog to help people who are in a similar position know that they are not alone, there is hope and when you have daft eejits for friends, you are rich in so many ways. I really hope that someone finds my ramblings a help to them.

It’s not just my immediate family that have kept me going, but my friends, far and wide who are all more than ready to laugh with me. They have also proved that they are willing to listen and share, as some have gone through / going through tough times personally. This helps us heal and grow as people, to get over the difficult moments together, reaching out to others.

Some of the stories people have shared are harrowing and we never know what others are really going through on a daily basis. Be kind, always.

I am truly thankful to have these muppets in my life and look forward to more chaos unfolding, as it will and currently doing while I’m offline writing this.

They’re probably all talking about boobs. Bless them.

Wishing you all good mental health and be kind to yourself.

You deserve it.


7 thoughts on “How laughter helps to heal

  1. Class as always Richie thanks for sharing.
    Collective nouns for boobs? May I offer two suggestions.. . .a bounce! . . .or my favourite. . .a warmth 😊
    Keep on keepin’ on my brother.

    Liked by 1 person

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