Amused and Bemused

Welcome to the inaugural post of Amused and Bemused.

The idea started a few years back when I wrote about my commuting days by train into London and the people I encountered. Some of the situations left me bemused and laughing, I was compelled to share by blog after friends on social media encouraged me to write more.

So here we are, again. And what can you expect? A lot more of things that bemuse, amuse and interest me, that’s for sure, hopefully entertaining you on the way through.

One phrase I use a lot is ‘They walk among us’, which has now changed for me in the past couple of years. Now, I feel more that I walk among them. That change, is it me or is it everyone else? A bizarre set of circumstances? All of the above?

Who knows? I’m hoping we find out more as we go along here. And if not, well let’s just enjoy the journey together and share laughter. It really is good for the soul.

One thing I will discuss seriously from time to time is my struggle with anxiety and depression. It’s cost me a career, two businesses, friendships and quite a few things I used to enjoy doing. More to come on that and won’t bore you to death, I hope. In fact, I will try to find the humour in it as that can highlight the abject nature of the illness, as well as being better reading.

To fellow sufferers, I hope it will give you comfort, in that someone is going through something similar and the best advice I can give is in this phrase ‘When going through Hell, keep going!’ I’m not for staying there and will do my best to help bring you out.

Tomorrow, I will walk among them once more and report back on what I see, hear or in which I am unfortunate enough to be involved. I really hope it’s not anything like the septuagenarian Cliff Richard fan, a wee retired lady (who collected Cliff’s image on plates), who dealt me several death threats.

Nor the guy who tried a not so subtle stealth bum on the tube one evening.

Okay, a part of me wants that kind of ridiculous, like the time I sat on the tube with someone who looked like Leslie Crowther as a crap spy, along with a Thai Ladyboy but not the massive Transvestite who kept looking at me from further up the tube carriage as I thought my days were numbered.

Hope to do this once a week and would be great to have your company.


14 thoughts on “Amused and Bemused

  1. Boobs Richard, we need more about boobs!
    Just kidding, keep up the good work fellow baldy and I wait with baited breath for the next installment!

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  2. Inspiring me back onto the post-festive keyboard! Looking forward to one’s amusing and bemusing musing. Try saying that when you’re socially confused! Good luck big guy x

    Liked by 1 person

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